What will happen when you get unstuck?

Toronto Professional Organizing and Productivity Coaching

What We Do

Simply put, we help people get unstuck. Our passion is getting people and businesses moving forward. Sometimes people need help with a physical space, while other times we need to dig into habits, systems, and whatever may be causing a rut. We love taking a little (or a lot of) chaos and creating order, calm, and forward momentum.

Professional Organizing for Individuals, Families, and Businesses:

We work with businesses, individuals, and families by helping them organize with a focus on their specific needs and environment, so that they can be more efficient, optimize their space, and reduce stress.

We create Customized Solutions

We are discreet, efficient, transparent, and will focus on your goals for your life. To be blunt – no cookie-cutter bullshit. Because who needs that?

Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will assess your needs and determine the best approach! Our rates are competitive with Toronto Professional Organizing market, and are generally set hourly. Project costs are flexible and we can work on a retainer basis if desired.

Our Professional Organizing services are available  for hire in the city of Toronto area, and our productivity coaching is available globally (although those in Toronto and the surrounding areas have the option of meeting in-person).

For Businesses

We organize office spaces as well as warehouses and storage facilities. Our focus is to make it easy, safe, and efficient for you to run your business. And we save you time and money in the long run.


We specialize in organizing and/or decluttering to create the home that fits your lifestyle. Once you are organized and have the systems in place to keep it that way, you can focus on all of things that matter in life.

Power 3 Hours

Do you want a test run to see how useful we are? Need someone with great organizing skills come in and help you with that thing you’ve been putting off? We’ve got you.
Stephanie Marshall - MBA

Stephanie Marshall - MBA


As the founder of Organizing by Marshall and Plaid Paddle Stephanie gets really excited about people moving towards their goals. She has always excelled at figuring out systems to make things easier for everyone. Oddly enough, Stephanie learned a lot about organizing and productivity because she had undiagnosed ADHD until recently, and in order to work around it she created and experimented with many systems. As a kid she liked organizing her toys, and as a teenager she liked creating study systems for all of her friends (sometimes more than studying). In the corporate world she organized things ranging from big brand marketing initiatives, digital strategy initiatives, as well as her desk. Stephanie is currently focused on her personal coaching business, Plaid Paddle, as well as Kickstartology, a community with online group coaching for women. 

Moving from our home of 43 years (where we raised our family) was a daunting task. I couldn’t haved done it without Stephanie’s help. It was worth every penny! Sue P.

Most amazing and unexpected is how much time this organization has saved us in meal preparation and clean up. Madeleine W.

Fun, fast, efficient and well-priced.  Far better results than I ever could have expected in half the time.  A great team with the right attitude. I am a neat freak and a chronic labeller who is short on time and these girls really set me up for success.  2 thumbs up. Thanks again! Rt. F.

That calm feeling when you are watching the waves... is how we make you feel.