Organizing by Marshall offers the following services:

Home Organization

We work with you to create the neat and organized home that fits for your lifestyle. We can help with one room or the whole house. Once you are organized, and have the systems in place to keep it that way, you can focus on all of things that matter in life. 

Downsizing and Moving

We know how much work this is and we can create a custom package for your specific needs. We can work work with you to declutter and prep your house for sale, we can manage your belongings, and we can manage a a full move and set up in the new location. We can also execute an estate clearance.

Office Organizing

Home office? Small business? We can help you optimize your space and your processes so that you can focus on your work. We will eliminate any chaos and clutter, we can create filing systems, and customize the work flow set-up for your needs.

Estate Clearance Toronto

Corporate Organizing

We can deal with that stuff you've been meaning to do forever. Organizing the back office or storage area, cataloguing, filing, and setting up systems, decluttering, optimizing for productivity... we can take care of it and set you up to keep it that way.


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Organization Coaching

Is disorganization affecting your life? Have you recently changed your life and it feels chaotic? Could your family use some easy systems to get on track, or could you kids use some coaching to create organized habits? Are you ready to re-gain control? We can come and assist you to create order and the right habits that will last a lifetime. 



Clutter is often a huge obstacle to organization, as it can contribute to chaos. Let us lead you to a new way, where you can enjoy space and the objects that you actually value, cherish, and use.


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