Today: Time to Get Un-Stuck

Feeling Stuck?

Do you wish you could be doing more, or doing it better? Craving change?

Here are three things we often forget:

  1. Willpower and motivation are awesome but they aren’t going to change your behaviour over the long term.
  2. You can’t make time, unfortunately it’s a zero sum game.
  3. There is no “one size fits all” approach to productivity, no magical app or routine, and you need to figure out what works for you.

Productivity = Intention + Execution … consistently

How Will Productivity Coaching Help?

Since we can’t make time, Productivity optimization is about ensuring that you are using your time to accomplish your goals in the most efficient way possible.

There has been a wealth of research on this subject and we use science and neuroscience around productivity and habits and apply this to your personality, your style of organization, and your goals. Habits, dicipline, and accountability are the cornerstones of strong productivity –  and  Productivity Coaching is meant to give these muscles a workout.

This is much more efficient than downloading a bunch of apps.


Too much to do? Not enough time? Have you been waiting for “later” to do what you really want to do? The secret is… that “later”.


Productivity coaching but with a built in accountability partner. Stop talking about the “when” and start today.

Corporate Groups

We work with groups of up to 10 people, providing engaging workshops with and individual or team focus.

Teens and Families

Every family is different and we will find the right systems and solutions for scheduling , house organization, ongoing weekly to-do’s and so on.

Because motivational quotes alone have never changed a life, and also, not everyone is going to wake up at 5:00am.