Organizing your basement Toronto

How long have you been meaning to organize your basement, and how much do you wish it could just magically be fixed? Is it that you don’t really want anyone to know how much stuff you have down there? How do you feel when you walk down the stairs?

We want you to feel great when you walk down the stairs, and furthermore we know that you can get to where you are using that space the way you want to.

Time to Organize

First of all, no one is judging you. Some people think their basement “should” be perfect simply out of guilt since there are so many magazines and tv shows about having the perfectly organized and decorated magazine ready home. But unless your basement is planning in a modelling career for women’s magazines, you can let go of the guilt.

That said, would decluttering and organizing the basement improve your life?

Here are 5 common (bad) reasons people use to avoid organizing the basement:

  1. Fear of it creating a huge spiral of never-ending work 

    Discovering things to fix, shred, file, donate, sell, organize… it can be overwhelming. But once you know what is there and what needs to be done (or ignored) it is easier to plan and prioritize. Much less scary.

  2. Fear of the unknown 

    Sometimes going through old boxes is a bit of a treasure hunt. You may discover things you actually need, and will no longer need to buy. Or perhaps you will discover old treasures that can be repurposed, for example, a grandparent’s crystal ashtray might make a stunning a key dish. On a less exciting note, you may also find a kid’s sandwich that you packed for him 3 years ago. It happens.

  3. You don’t want to make decisions about the sentimental stuff 

    We are not going to lie – this can be tough. Going through old memories can be a good reason to reconnect. One client took pictures of long lost treasures and them sent them to those with whom the memories were made. It made letting go of the actual objects (that had been unseen in a box for 20 years) easier. Just remember, memories aren’t saved in boxes in the basement.

  4. Guilt about getting rid of gifts or inherited items 

    Sometimes we have complicated relationships with our things. Recognizing the difference between our relationships with things and our relationships with people takes some practice but is ultimately liberating. Maybe you want to keep the fancy cat painting your aunt passed on to you only because it reminds you of her quirks, but that does not mean you can’t sell the ugly never used steak knives your favourite uncle gave you as a wedding gift. There are no rules here as long as your decisions make you happy.

  1. Fighting 

    Often, in fact very often, couples disagree on defining clutter vs. treasures (don’t worry, we know that you are right and they are wrong). Creative compromise helps move things forward, and the results of a newly decluttered and organized basement are almost always worth the effort in the end.

Now What?

Take one minute and image your basement in a perfect state. Now isn’t that worth going through the trouble? Once you have invested in organizing and decluttering the basement it’s much easier to keep it that way. In addition, tackling your basement today will result in saved time and money down the line.

How can we help? We’ve seen basements worse than yours, and unlike you, we actually love organizing. Furthermore we know the tips and tricks to make it easier (Trick #1 involves doing it with someone to keep you focused and goal oriented).