Home Organizing & Decluttering

Professional Home Organizers in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

Sometimes we let things pile up, we don’t have the time to create systems, or we just don’t feel that our home is enabling us to keep the chaos at bay. A disorganized home can bring daily stress and feelings of being over-whelmed.

Your home should make you feel good when you walk through the door.

It’s amazing what even a little organizing can do. It can create space you never knew you had, save you time and mental energy, and optimize your productivity and focus.

We understand that different people want different things from organizing – some people want their house to look like a magazine spread, while others are focused on simple systems to keep their family running smoothly. We will help you in finding your perfect fit. What’s important is for you to feel that your home is under control.

Whether you need a little help with a closet or a basement, wish to declutter a garage, or you want a whole house organization, we can help. Discreetly, judgement free, and focused on a solution for the way you want to live.

Organizing & Decluttering

The whole house, a bathroom, a home office, and your level of involvement is up to you. We can assist decluttering, and we create systems for ongoing organization and maintenance.

Closet Organizing

We will set you up so that getting dressed is easy and you never forget what you own. We can install shelves, or find the perfect shoe rack, whatever we need to do to make your closet the best it can be, on your budget.

Basements & Garages

Is clutter or a lack of space management taking away from the use and functionality of these areas? Take back control of your space. We also work with people at storage lockers.

New Family

When families evolve with new partners, babies, step-children, pets, etc, it changes a home and can disrupt the existing systems. This can be a great opportunity to focus on organization to keep things as easy as possible for everyone.

Professional Home Organizers in Toronto

Get Started Now

Our clients often begin with our Power Hours package which is a three hours sessions and includes the following:

  • 15 minute pre-call to discuss priorities, issues, scope (jobs with a lot of lifting may require 2 organizers)
  • In person walk around assessment – we ask you many questions to get a deep understanding of your needs and current situation
  • Determining your organization style
  • We dive in to your #1 priority and work with you (you participate to the extent you wish)
  • Wrap up – with follow up items for you
  • Follow up email with a summary of your priorities, any tips and resources we suggested
  • Opportunity to follow with another session with the same organizer

Cost is $240 for one organizer or $450 for two organizers.

We can also accomodate full day / multi-day sessions.

You never know what you have... until you organize.