Professional Organizing for Offices and Business Spaces

Could your Business Benefit from Organizing?

An organized office or business space brings value to your company:

  • Know what you have
  • Keep track of what you have
  • Simplest / most efficient workflow solutions
  • Save time
  • Reduction of errors
  • Safety
  • Professional image
  • Piece of mind

We work with small and medium sized business to optimize their office spaces, warehouses, and storage. Our team begins by assessing the space and the business needs ( we ask the client a lot of questions), and once we have a deep understanding of the requirements we will determine the most efficient approach. We will then execute, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. It’s not just about things looking pretty, it’s about adding value to your business.

Our corporate clients that we have enjoyed organizing include MAC Cosmetics, Plan Canada, and Contact Monkey.

Workspace Optimization

Decluttering, positioning of the furniture and workstations, filing systems, and more.

Storage Spaces

Organizing your starage space to maximize your usable space with a focus on usability, safety, and oft-forgotten logic.

Productivity Coaching

Make the most of your ability every day with Productivity Coaching – available for individuals and teams.

Office Organizing

Effeciency systems for your office in the digital age.

How it Works

Our rates for organizing businesses and workspaces vary depending on the size of the job, location, complexity, and more. We are happy to provide an in-person assessment of what we can do to help you and provide a quote. We value efficiency,  transparency, and clear communication.

Professional Organizing for Offices and Business Spaces

Because you can't control everything but being organized helps.