We love getting out of town. Going to the cottage, vacationing with the family, travelling to exotic locations, even the occasional travel for a work conference – we love it all. It’s hard to generalize about packing since every trip will have different needs (and most likely a dilemma over how many pairs of shoes you really need), but it is possible to generalize about unpacking tips. We have found the secret. Some people love to pack, but we have never met anyone who enjoys unpacking. SO what is our secret no-fail unpacking tip?

…suspense Just get it done immediately!

No, don’t roll your eyes, hear me out. Often after a trip people are tired and just want to flop and enjoy being home, but the longer you wait to unpack, the more annoying it will be. Whether you are alone or can enlist the help of family (only if they have also been on the trip, otherwise it is unfair) try putting in an intense 20 minutes of work immediately upon arrival. 20 minutes can accomplish A LOT in the world of unpacking. Before relaxing do the following:

1. Completely empty all of your bags and suitcases.

2. Sort all laundry into light / dark / dry clean, and put the first load of laundry in immediately.

3. Put all beauty products and cosmetics back into the bathroom or bedroom.

4. Put items you need to deal with aside (for example gifts you need to deliver). 5. Discard the garbage and papers, lanyards, tickets, itineraries…

6. Put any new acquisitions away where they belong in your home.

7. Put away any seasonal and travel items in a logical place.

8. Put away your bags and suitcases This should take care of 90% of your unpacking, and the rest us just the easy details. After this you will be able to much better relax.

The next day you will thank yourself so hard.